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Hydrangeas are a flower with a long tradition in Japan. They symbolize the coming of summer.

The types of hydrangeas that are indigenous to Japan start blooming in a blue-green color. This changes to white, and the blossoms slowly change to their final color. This process is also known as “The Seven Transformations”
The Odakyu Line is a popular spot in Japan for enjoying the beautiful hydrangeas that flower in the period from June to late July.
In the Enoshima and Kamakura areas, you can enjoy seeing hydrangeas flowering in proximity to traditional Japanese buildings, shrines and temples. In the Hakone area, you can enjoy seeing the Lacecap Hydrangeas at the original type of hydrangea in Japan, together with many of variants of hydrangea, including types that were developed in Europe and subsequently reimported to Japan. The ability to enjoy hydrangeas blooming over a long period of time is one of the attractions of the Hakone Area.
The majestic hydrangeas in full bloom are an unforgettable sight. Why not come and enjoy this beautiful scenery.